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Adding a New User to the Admin Portal

This guide will show you how to add a new user in the SecureClose Admin Portal.

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1. You must have access to your company’s Admin Portal, and rights to add new users.
2. This can be done from ANY computer with access to the internet, it does not have to be from the computer running the SecureClose software.

1. Go to the Admin Portal
1In your web browser, navigate to http://portal.secureclose.net. For JD Byrider Users, navigate to http://jdbyrider.secureclose.net

2. Log In
2 - LoginEnter your Username and Password, and click Log On

3. Click the Users Tile
3 - Click UsersFrom the Admin Portal Main Menu, click on the Users tile.

4. Click New
4 - Click NewOn the top left of the Users field, click on the +New button.

5. Enter the User’s General Info
5 - GeneralFill in as much information about the user as you would like. DO NOT click Update until you have filled out all 4 tabs of information.

6. Select Location(s)
6 - LocationsIn the Locations tab, add a checkbox to the locations that you would like the user to have access to.

7. Add Administrative Info
7 - Admin InfoFill in as much information as you would like. This screen allows you to make an account Active or Inactive, if an employee is no longer authorized to use the SecureClose software or Admin Portal.

8. Create Login Info
8 - Login InfoGive the user a username and password. Make sure that the Can Login box is checked.

9. Set Permission Levels
9 - PermissionsThere are multiple categories to add permissions to – these are listed below. Each category has multiple levels available for each as follows: Restricted (User does not have access and will be shown an error if they click this Category) Read Only (User can see this category, but cannot edit anything therein. Editor (User can edit existing assets within the category but can’t create ) Creator (User can create new assets in the category) and Administrator (User has full access. Please note that regardless of rights, no user can delete a contract entry).

Categories: Employees (User can add new employees, as you are doing now) Locations (User Can Edit available lot locations) Buyers (This is a legacy category and can be disregarded) Access Keys (User can add a new access key to add computers to SecureClose) Contracts (User can access contracts copies, contract originals, and video).

If you would like a user to be an administrator, please set Administrator in all categories, and click the Is Administrator box. Once complete, click on the Update button.