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Adding an Access Key

This Guide will demonstrate connecting your SecureClose software to a unique Access Key, which will allow it to download and show your customer presentations.

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1. Completed the Install SecureClose Guide

1. Run the SecureClose Software
1 - Launch SecureClose
Double Click the SecureClose icon on your desktop.

2. Review General Settings
2 - General SettingsOnce launched for the first time, the General Settings window will open, and ask you to input your Account ID and Account Key. You will get this information from the SecureClose Admin Portal (http://www.portal.secureclose.net)

3. Log Into the Admin Portal
3 - Open Admin PortalLeaving SecureClose running, navigate to the Admin Portal in your browser. Enter in your Username and Password, and click Log On.

4. Click Company Profile
4 - Company ProfileFrom the Admin Portal Main Menu, click on the Company profile tile.

5. Copy the Account ID
5 - Copy Account IDFrom the Company Profile screen, highlight the entire Account ID String, and copy it to your clipboard.

6. Add Account ID to SecureClose
6 - Paste Account ID in SecureCloseIn the General Setting screen of the SecureClose software, paste the Account ID into the Account ID Field. Return back to your browser.

7. Navigate to Access Keys
7 - Click Access KeysBack in your web browser, click on the Access Keys link on the top of the page.

8. Add a New Access Key
8 - New Access KeyClick on the +New button on the top left of the field.

9. Select Variables
9 - Set Up Access KeyIn the popup window that appears, give the Key a name corresponding to the computer and location it will be on. In the Location dropdown menu, select the physical location that the computer is showing presentations for.

10. Copy the Remote Key
10 - Copy Access KeyYou can either use the randomly generated key that SecureClose has provided, or change it to whatever you would like. Once you have chosen a remote key, highlight it in it’s entirety and copy it to your clipboard. Once you have it copied, click the Update button to save the key.

11. Paste the Account Key in SecureClose
11 - Paste Access Key

Back in the SecureClose software, paste the Access Key you just created into the Account Key field, and click the Connect button.

12. Confirmation
12 - Key Accepted 13 - Download Presentation Files12.
Once Successfully connected, you will get a confirmation window. Click OK. Immediately after the confirmation window, you will get a pop up window prompting you to download the presentation files for your account. Click OK.

13. Cache Updater
14 - Cache UpdateThis will take you to the Cache Updater screen, where the presentation files will download. Once this action is completed, click on the blue Back Arrow on the top-left of the screen to return to the main menu.