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Install SecureClose

This Guide will demonstrate setting up your computer to work with SecureClose. This includes installing the SecureClose software and all necessary drivers.

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1. All-In-One Computer adhering to SecureClose Minimum Specifications
2. Topaz T-S460-HSB-R USB Signature Pad
3. The Computer you are installing the SecureClose software on should be connected to either a network or local printer

**It is a best practice to run SecureClose from a non-administrator account.**

1. Download SecureClose Software
1 - Download SecureClose

On the computer where you wish to Install SecureClose, open a web browser and navigate to http://kiosk.secureclose.net/download/latestversion

2. Run the Installer
2 - Run Installer
Open the SecureClose.exe file that you just downloaded. Typically, this will be in your Downloads folder.

3. Agree and Begin Install
3 - Agree and Install
In the Installer window that appears, Please Agree to the License terms and conditions, and click on the Install button.

4. Permission to Make Changes
4 - Give Access Rights
Windows will ask for your permission to make changes to the computer. Please click Yes

5. Third Party Installs
5 - Accept Third Party 6 - Ignore Product Key
Before the SecureClose Software installs, it will first install the third party programs required to capture the screen, encode the video files, etc. Please click on Next or OK to accept these installs. The Microsoft Expressions Screen capture software will ask for a product key, but simply leave this blank.

6. Install Topaz Signature Tablet
7 - Install Topaz 8 - Install Topaz 2 10 - Install Topaz 4 11 - Install Topaz 512 - Install Topaz Demo
The Topaz Driver installer will give you a number of options. On each of these screens, please select the options as shown in the images and click OK for each. The very last screen will ask if you would like to install a Demo application to your desktop to test the tablet. You can choose either answer at your discretion.

7. Install SecureClose Software
13 - Install SecureClose
After all third party installs are complete, you will install the SecureClose software. Please click on the “I Accept the Terms of the License Agreement” and click Install.

8. Finish
14 - Finish 15 - Successful
Once the installation is finished, please click on the Finish button, and then the Close button on the confirmation screen.

Congratulations! The SecureClose software is now installed on your computer. Now you are ready to Add an Access Key.