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Requesting Documents or Video From the Admin Portal

This guide will show you how to request documents and recordings in the SecureClose Admin Portal. Please Note: An Authoritative Printed Original (Watermarked ORIGINAL) can only be downloaded ONCE after it is requested. After the file has been downloaded, you will only be able to request a COPY.

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1. You must have access to your company’s Admin Portal, and rights to request documents and recordings.
2. This can be done from ANY computer with access to the internet, it does not have to be from the computer running the SecureClose software.

1. Go to the SecureClose Admin Portal
1 - Open Portal
Open your web browser, and navigate to http://portal.secureclose.net. For JD Byrider users, please navigate to http://jdbyrider.secureclose.net. Enter in your Username and Password, and click Log On.

2. Select the Contract Tile
2 - Click Contracts
From the Main menu, click the Contracts Tile.

3. Select the Appropriate Account
3 - Select Account
Locate in the list, or use the Sort Fields above each column to search for the contract you are looking for. You can search by Access Code, Buyer Name, Etc.

4. Request Access
5 - Set Variables
Once you have located the correct sale, click the Request Access button. You will see a pop up on the screen. You can choose three options:

Recordings: This will allow you to review the videos for this transaction. Please note that the recording uploader runs overnight, so the videos will typically be available to view within 24-48 hours.
Copy of Contract: This option allows you to download all signed paperwork watermarked with Copy.
Original Contract: Since all documents are signed electronically, the Electronic version of the signed documents is considered the authoritative original. If you need access to a Paper version of the documents watermarked Original, choose this option. Once the authoritative original file is downloaded, you will only be able to access Copies from this portal in the future. Once you have downloaded the Original document, you will have access to the PDF on your local drive for as long as you need.

For each of the three options, please input a reason for request, email address to send the link to, access duration, and available views. Please note that for Original documents, the available views is locked to 1. This simply means that the file itself can only be downloaded one time.

5. Confirmation
6 - Confirmation
You will receive a confirmation message informing you that the request was processed.

6. Receive Email
7 - Receive Link
The email address that you provided in the request pop up will receive a secure link to access the requested files. This will also inform the recipient of the available duration of this link.

7. Visit Link
8 - Open Link
Once the link in the email is clicked, it opens up a secure page within your default web browser. If you selected video, you will see the video playback application in the browser. For documents, click on the Contract File link to download it. It will save the file to your default download location.

8. Locate the Downloaded File
9 - Open File
On your computer, locate the downloaded file. This is typically in your Downloads folder. Please ensure that Adobe Reader is installed on your computer to correctly view and print the file.

9. Open the File, Enter the Password
10 - Enter Password
All SecureClose document files are password locked automatically by the system. The Password is always the primary buyer/lessee’s last name, all lower-case, spelled exactly as it is in Fusion including hyphens or spaces.