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Resuming a Presentation

This guide will show you how to use the SecureClose Software to resume a Presentation Showing that was begun but not completed, in the event of an error.

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1. You must have begun a presentation showing in the SecureClose Software, but not completed it. If this is the case, the software would have either notified you that it encountered and error and needed to close, would’ve been stopped by an environmental issue like a power outage or network failure, or Force Quit from Windows Task Manager by an employee.
2. The presentation must NOT have been canceled using the “Cancel Presentation” button, as this action deletes all progress.
3. You must have the same Presentation ID on hand that was entered initially for the Presentation Showing that was begun but not completed.

1. Re-Enter the Unfinished Presentation ID

If the SecureClose Software is closed, re-launch it (on the same computer where the presentation ID was begun). Select Secure Signing, and re-enter the Presentation ID that was begun but not finished.

2. Re-Capture Signatures

Upon successfully entering an ID that was previously started but not finished, the software will skip the customer tutorial portion of the presentation, and jump back to the Signature Capture Portion. All Buyers, along with the seller, will re-capture their signatures and initials.

3. Presentation Status Load

After all signatures are approved, the software will determine the last shown disclosure slide, and reload the signed documents into memory. For example, if you completed slides 1-5 of a 10 page presentation but were forced to stop the presentation on slide 6, the software will load pages 1-5 as signed, and will resume the presentation showing from the beginning of page 6 for the buyer to continue reviewing the singing the remaining pages.

4) Finish the Presentation as Normal

From this point on, resume use of the SecureClose software as usual. Once the presentation is completed, the software will combine the documents signed before and after the resume as one complete file. It will also combine the video records captured before and after the resume to create one complete file.

5. Contact SecureClose Support
If there is a software-related issue that causes your SecureClose Presentation to not complete, please contact our support team as soon as it is convenient so that we can inspect the program logs and determine the solution. We can be reached at 1-888-807-0404 Option 2