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Using SecureClose with AutoStar Fusion

This guide will show you how to use the SecureClose Software. It will guide you from generating a SecureClose ID within AutoStar Fusion, through the customer presentation, to printing the documents.

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1. You must have the SecureClose software installed, and the cache updater run to download the relevant presentations.
2. The Computer should be signed in as the User account that the software was installed on to run presentations for customers.
3. Make sure that the computer running the SecureClose software remains powered ON overnight with the SecureClose application running so the video files can be uploaded correctly.
4. It is a good practice to restart the computer running the SecureClose Software in the morning before it’s first use at least once per week.
5. It is also good practice to close the SecureClose software after each complete presentation so that it starts fresh for each showing.

*NOTE* To Comply with the Federal Truth In Lending Act, customers must be provided with a printed copy of their Retail Installment Contract or Lease before they begin the SecureClose process. 

1. Select Print Documents
1 - fusion maintain past
In AutoStar Fusion, once you have entered in the sale information like normal, click on the Stock Number dropdown, and select Print Documents

2. Select Documents to Send
2 - Fusion Select Docs
You will now have a new column titled SecureClose. Go through and put a checkmark in this column next to all documents you would like to include in the SecureClose presentation for this customer. Once all are selected, press the Print button. *Please Note – Only documents that are listed as type “PDF-SC” are enabled for use within SecureClose.

3. Print Presentation ID
3 - Code Output
Once you have selected all necessary options, you will be presented with a SecureClose Popup Window, listing the unique Presentation ID for the sale. Click the Print button to print out this sheet, and take the Presentation ID to the computer running the SecureClose software.

4) Start Secure Signing
Once you launch the SecureClose software, you will see the main menu above. To start a new Disclosure Presentation, click on the Secure Signing Tile.

5. Language Selection

If your account has Multi-language support enabled, you will be asked to select whether to begin the disclosure presentation in English or Spanish.

6. Enter Presentation ID

Enter the 8 digit Alpha-numeric Presentation ID that was generated in AutoStar Fusion, and click on the Start button.

7. Customer Acknowledgment of Audio / Video Recording

In order to use SecureClose, all buyers or lessees must give their consent to be audio and video recorded for the duration of the presentation. If they do not accept, the presentation is scrapped and will not continue.

8. Customer Tutorial Plays

Your customer will be shown a 3 minute Tutorial Video that explains the process they are about to go through. It explains what the system does, how it works, and how they can interact with it. If you would like, your company representative can exit the room during the tutorial, but make sure to tell the customer to alert them to return as soon as the video completes. Once this video finishes, the customer will click the green Begin Presentation Button.

9. Signature Disclosure

The System will explain to the customer that it is about to ask for them to sign the signature tablet. It explains that they will only be required to sign the tablet once, and that doing so will not commit them to anything. The software will then hold the signature in memory, and place it in the appropriate places on the documents as the customer gives it permission to do so.

10. Customer Signs the Signature Tablet

All Buyers / Lessees will input both their Signature and their initials on the signature tablet. On a Wacom STU-300 Tablet, the customer will click OK on the signature tablet. On the Topaz Signature Tablet, they will click OK on the computer screen.

11. Company Representative Signs the Signature Tablet

Your Company Representative will then be asked to add their signature and initials like the customer did. Once this is captured and accepted, the system will automatically add their signatures and initials to all the correct places on the document set. No more missed signatures!

12. Accept Signatures

Once all parties have signed and are satisfied with their signatures, the Accept All button is clicked. At this point, the company representative can leave the room for the duration of the Disclosure Presentation.

13. Customer Views Disclosure Presentation

The SecureClose software will take the customer through all of the necessary documents as sent by your Dealer Management System. The customer will see their documents on the left-hand side of the screen. The SecureClose Avatar will provide the customer with standardized disclosure for each document. The customer can move the mouse (or touch the screen) over their document to see that section zoomed in as shown. If the document includes in depth disclosure, this zoom slider will lock onto the specific part of the document as the Avatar explains it. The Signature buttons, and Page controls are inactive and unable to be clicked until the buyer has heard all disclosure at least one time all the way through.

14. Customers Add their Signatures and Initials

Once all disclosure for the page is completed, the Signature control buttons will enable. Each party will click to add their own signature and initials as necessary. Once all signatures and initials are placed, the Next Page button will be enabled.

15. Finish Presentation

Once all disclosure videos have been displayed, and all signatures are placed, the customer will see the Finish Presentation button enable, and click it.

16. Print Documents
Print Screen
A short video will display asking the customer to ask their Company Representative to return to the room. The Company Representative will click on the Print button to open the Windows Print Dialogue and allow them to send the signed copies to the printer of their choice. Once all documents are printed, clicking the Continue button will take you the email entry screen.

17. Enter Customer Email Address
If an email address has been entered for the customer in AutoStar Fusion, it will be displayed. The customer will have the opportunity to confirm their email address and click the Save Email button. After the customer’s videos have had the chance to encode and upload to the SecureClose servers (typically 24-48 Hours) They will receive an email with a link to view their ClosingRecord videos and download copies of their signed documents. Once the Save Email button has been clicked, the software will return to the main menu, and await the next presentation run.