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SecureClose ensures a consistent and compliant document disclosure and explanation process
every time you close a deal using simple, easy-to-use, automated technology.

 Clarify Auto

Through our integrations with JD Byrider, Auto Master Systems, DealerSocket, and AutoStar Solutions, Clarify Auto combines the presentation of compliant legal disclosures with electronic document presentation, E-signature, and document and presentation storage.  When the dealer and consumer are ready to close their financing transaction, the consumer sits in front of the Clarify Auto Software.  Our virtual “closer” walks the customer through the high points of each of the pertinent documents while the presentation and consumer interaction are all recorded.  The consumer executes the actual electronic deal documents using E-Signature, and the signed documents and video are combined into a unique closing record that is stored for the dealer.  Employee negligence, mis-statements, missing signatures, and “he said – she said” disputes are a thing of the past.

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 Bi-Lingual Presentation

A well informed customer is the best customer.  With Clarify Auto, the same presentation is available to the consumer in English or Spanish, which decides in which language the presentation will be delivered.  You’ll no longer have to rely on bi-lingual employees trying to explain complicated legal concepts or the customer’s friends or relatives translating what your employee is trying to explain and suffer through the delays and confusion.  With this product your customers will be better informed when they leave the dealership and your relationship will start off on the right path.

 Your Closings, Your Way

Clarify Auto was designed by a car dealer looking to improve the closing process.  If you want to make missing signatures and incomplete documents a thing of the past, consider our E-signature product, which presents the consumer with electronic documents, captures and places all necessary signatures, and stores these documents for upon completion.  If you’d prefer paper documents, the customer will still receive clear and consistent presentations and then execute the paper documents within your process.  Either way, your customers will be better informed and you’ll have a record of each closing.

 SecureTrain (Coming Soon)

Uses technology to train your employees more efficiently and effectively.  Employees will be able to view presentations delivered by our virtual trainer. They will then take tests developed by our legal compliance and professionals while being recorded. This allows dealers and other businesses to demonstrate their commitment to compliance by offering proof that their employees have completed necessary training.

 Other Consumer Finance Products and Services

SecureClose is expanding to bring our concept to all lines of consumer financial services and commercial sales.  Contact us and let us know your interest and we’ll keep you updated.

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